Dmitri Shostakovich
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Transcriptions and orchestrations


I Waited for Thee in the Grotto (Rimsky-Korsakov) , sans op. (1921)
for full orchestra with harp.
Transcription of a song of Rimsky-Korsakov's opus 40 cycle.

Tahiti Trot, op.16 (1927)
Transcription of Vincent Youman's song "Tea for Two"

Two Pieces by Scarlatti, op.17 (1928)

Overture for the Green Guild, sans op. (1932)
Orchestration of the overture to Ivan Dezerzhinsky's play The Green Guild.

Symphony of Psalms (Stravinsky), sans op. (1930s)
A four-hand piano transcription of Igor Stravinsky's 'Symphony of Psalms'.

The Internationale, sans op. (1937)

Vienna Blood (Johann Strauss), sans op. (1938)
New orchestration of the Johann Strauss II / Adolf Müller operetta Wiener Blut

Excursion Train Polka (Johann Strauss), sans op. (1940)
Reorchestration of the schnell-polka Vergnügungszug

Boris Godunov (Musorgsky), op.58 (1939-40)
Reorchestration of Modest Musorgsky's opera Boris Godunov.
Opera in 4 acts with Prologue and ten scenes. Libretto by Musorgsky.

Twenty-seven Romances and Songs, sans op. (1941)

Rothschild's Violin (Fleishman), sans op. (1941-44)
Completion of the one-act opera Rothschild's Violin by Venjamin Fleishman. Libretto by Fleishman based on the story by Anton Chekhov.

Khovanshchina (Musorgsky), op.106 (1958-59)
Reorchestration of Modest Musorgsky's five-act opera Khovanshchina for a film version.

Songs and Dances of Death (Musorgsky), sans op. (1962)
Orchestration of Modest Musorgsky's song cycle.
1. Lullaby
2. Serenade
3. Trepak
4. The Warrior Captain

Two Choruses by Davidenko, op.124 (1963)
for chorus and orchestra, on texts by Aleksandr Davidenko.

Cello Concerto in A minor (Schumann), op.125 (1963)
Reorchestration of Robert Schumann's Concerto for cello and orchestra, opus 129

Cello Concerto No. 1 (Tishchenko), sans op. (1969)
New orchestration of Boris Tishchenko's Cello Concerto No. 1, opus 23.

La Serenata (Braga), sans op. (1972)
Transcription of a song by Gaetano Braga for soprano, mezzo-soprano, violin, and piano.

Song of the Flea (Beethoven), sans op. (1975)
Orchestration of Ludwig van Beethoven's "Song of Mephistopheles in Auerbach's cellar", for voice and piano

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