Dmitri Shostakovich
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His life

in a time table

Year Event Major works
1906 25th September: Dmitri Shostakovich born in St Petersburg (Petrograd, Leningrad).  
1915 First piano lessons from his mother.
Later lessons at Ignatiy Gliasser's Music School.
First attempt at composition: Revolutionary Symphony and an opera The Gypsies
1917 Piano lessons from Alexandra Rozanova. some lost piano works: Hymn to Freedom and The Soldier
1919 Enters the Petrograd Conservatory. Scherzo in F sharp minor for orchestra, op.1
1920 Piano lessons from Leonid Nikolayev. Eight Preludes for piano, op.2
1922 24th February: death of his father. To earn a living for the family Dmitri gets a job as a pianist in a cinema. Two Fables on Krylov, op.4; Three Fantastic Dances, op. 5; Suite in F sharp minor for two pianos (as an In Memoriam for his father)
1923 Graduates from Conservatory program in piano.
Suffers from lymphatic and bronchial tuberculosis; recovers in a sanitarium in the Crimea.
Trio No.1, op.8
1925 20th March: Shostakovich performs own piano works in Moskow. First Symphony written as his graduation piece.
1926 Leningrad, 12th May: first performance of his First Symphony under Nikolai Malko. Sonata No.1 for Piano, op. 12
1927 Wins an "honorable mention" at the Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw.
Beginning of the friendship with Ivan Sollertinsky.
Aphorisms, op.13 and the Second Symphony, op.14
1928 Joins Meyerhold's theatre company as pianist and musical collaborator. Opera The Nose, op.15; music for the film New Babylon
1929   The Bedbug, op.19; Third Symphony
1930 18 January: first performance of opera The Nose; the opera was criticised as 'formalist'. Music for the ballet The Golden Age
1931   ballet The Bolt, op.27
1932 Elected to the directorate of the Leningrad division of the newly-formed Union of Soviet Composers.
13th May: marriage to his first wife Nina Varzar.
Opera Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk district, op.29
1933   24 Preludes for piano, op.34; Concerto No.1 in C minor for Piano, Strings and Trumpet, op.35
1934 22nd January: first performance of the opera Lady Macbeth in Leningrad. Two days later first performance in Moskow. The opera was given a triumphant reception in both cities. Sonata in D minor for cello and piano, op.40
1935 26th December: Stalin attends a performance of Lady Macbeth.  
1936 28th January: In Pravda an article entitled "Muddle Instead of Music" appeared: a devastating critics on Lady Macbeth. The opera is taken from the play lists.
April: Fourth Symphony withdrawn.
30th May: birth of daughter Galina.
1937 Appointed temporary professor of the Leningrad Conservatory in instrumentation.
21st November: first performance of the Fifth Symphony. Triumphant reception: the concert hall shuddered from applause.
Fifth Symphony
1938 10th May: birth of his son Maxim. String Quartet No.1
1939   Sixth Symphony
1940   Piano Quintet in G minor, op.57
1941 In besieged Leningrad Shostakovich started writing on his Seventh Symphony.
October: Shostakovich evacuated to Kuibyshev.
1942 5th March: first performance of the Seventh Symphony under S. Samosud in Kuibyshev.
9th August: performance of the Seventh under Karl Eliasberg in besieged Leningrad.
Seventh Symphony
1943   Eighth Symphony
1944 11th February: death of Shostakovich's friend Ivan Sollertinsky. Piano Trio No.2, op.67; String Quartet No.2
1945 Shostakovich moves to Moscow. Ninth Symphony
1946   String Quartet No.3
1947 Elected president of the governing board of the Leningrad branch of the Composers Union.  
1948 10th February: Denounced by Zhdanov as a 'formalist' in the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Violin Concerto No.1 and the song cycle From Jewish Folk Poetry. Performances of both works postponed.
1949   cantata Song of the Forests; String Quartet No.4 (first performed in 1953)
1951   24 Preludes and Fugues, op.87
1952   String Quartet No.5
1953 5th March: death of Stalin. Tenth Symphony
1954 Death of his wife Nina. Festive Overture, op.96
1955 Death of his mother. The Gadfly, op.97
1956 Marriage to his second wife Margarita Kainova. String Quartet No.6
1957 Elected secretary to the governing board of the Composers Union. Piano Concerto No.2; Eleventh Symphony
1958 Divorce from Margarita.
Directive of the Central Committee of the Communist Party rescinding denunciation of 1948.
1959 Pain in right hand begins (will afflict him to the end of his life). Cello Concerto No.1
1960   String Quartet No.7; String Quartet No.8
1961 September: Shostakovich becomes a full member of the Communist Party. Twelfth Symphony
1962 Elected deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
Third marriage: to Irina Antonovna Supinskaya.
Thirteenth Symphony
1964   String Quartet No.9; String Quartet No.10
1966 End of May: first heart attack. String Quartet No.11; Cello Concerto No.2
1967   Violin Concerto No.2
1968   String Quartet No.12; Sonata for Violin and Piano, op.134
1969   Fourteenth Symphony
1970   String Quartet No.13
1971 September: second heart attack. Fifteenth Symphony
1974   String Quartet No.15
1975 9th August: Shostakovich dies of an heart attack in Moscow.
14th August: funeral at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.
Viola Sonata, op.147

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